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Tap to Play! Games for Android smartphones

Tap to Play! - it's a new, smart game development team!

Old pirate

Do you like cartoons? Our team like it! We produce cartoon games for Android platform. Our games are full with funny jokes, animation, some music. You and your kids will love our producs.

Just install our game and tap icon to play!

Pirates Of the Apple Sea


Download and install from Android market

Supported platform: Android 2.0 or higher
Supported resolution: Any

This game for g-sensor phones!

You’re – a cartoon Android pirate in the Apple Sea! Agrrrr!
Your goal – is to swim and catch falling apples.
Your character has limited time to reach goal score.
Do not lose the apples – you will lose time!
Take bonuses from the Yellow Submarine, grow your pirate rank from ship’s boy to Admiral.

To control your game character, just angle your device.

This is a FREE game for every day and every one, have fun!
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